Available in 3 colours: Sage-green, Banana and Charcoal.


This beautiful 88% PET 12% PL outdoor rug is made from braids wound with threads and assembled together. He is backed with a latex backrest. PET is 75% recycled from consumer plastic bottles. As the final production of this rug is almost entirely manual, irregularities in appearance between each piece are inevitable and make each rug a unique product! In the same production batch, no carpet is the same as another. This is what makes it so beautiful.


Daily maintenance
Vacuum regularly without using an abrasive or hard brush. If it happens that a thread comes out of the carpet, avoid pulling it and simply cut it with a pair of scissors.


To avoid
Avoid rubbing your carpet too hard. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals. Slight color degradation is inevitable with direct exposure to direct sunlight. Do not leave your carpet in water for a long time to avoid the development of mold.

Store your carpet in a dry place during the winter season.

What to do in case of stains?
Before any cleaning, carry out a preliminary test on a corner of the carpet, the least visible, with a cotton swab to check that the carpet supports the product well. If the cotton swab is colored or if the carpet becomes discolored, stop immediately and take it to a professional cleaner. In the case of greasy stains (butter, oil, sunscreen, etc.) sprinkle the carpet with Terre de Sommières widely and immediately. Leave the powder to act for a few hours (one night for example) then vacuum.
If your carpet has an odor, sprinkle it with baking soda. Leave on overnight, then vacuum.


ELITIS Outdoor Rugs | 3m-diameter round rug

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