LA CROISIERE S'AMUSE beach bed or poolside bed, complete with rectangular pillow secured by Velcro.

May be placed directly on the ground. Foam construction with Batyline® waterproof fabric cover (top) and strips of Elitis premium special outdoor fabric on the sides.

May be washed with water and Marseille soap. These beds are covered in Batyline® waterproof fabric that is both UV- and stain-resistant.

On demand : 200x88x38cm or 200x180x30


Benefits of our products

Anti-stain protection / Easy-care / Heat and UV-resistant / Excellent resistance to mould and mildew / Doesn’t tear or sag / Quick-drying / Hard-wearing / 2 years warranty / 100% made in France / Prestressed fabric

LA CROISIERE S'AMUSE | Beach and Poolside bed | 200x180xh30 cm

PriceFrom €995.00
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