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Outdoor bed: THE original outdoor furniture that combines design and comfort !

What could be more comfortable than sinking into a bed. But then, why not enjoy it outdoors? The outdoor bed now seems to be THE ideal solution for relaxing comfortably in the sun. Focus on this furniture for lounging outside all summer long !

1. For maximum comfort in the sun

2. To enhance your outdoor spaces

3. To enjoy!

The outdoor bed: for maximum comfort in the sun

Forget the unstable sun loungers, also forget the narrow deckchairs... Make way for the outdoor bed! More than just a simple extra accessory, we are talking here about outdoor furniture for relaxation par excellence.

Ready for beautiful summer seasons

Consisting of a single piece, very comfortable, in soft and well-balanced foam, the outdoor bed will allow you to enjoy beautiful sunny afternoons whether for reading, sunbathing, taking a nap or even for magical nights under the stars. .

Always more comfort

And if you opt for a double outdoor bed?

Larger, it can accommodate two people to relax and chat in the sun, next to each other, whether with family, friends or as a couple.

Enjoying a double outdoor bed, solo, with some soft cushions: it's the guarantee of feeling like on a little cloud and escaping on hot summer days.

Justine Gallice allongee sur un bed cozip en bord de piscine

The outdoor bed: to enhance your outdoor spaces

Much more than an object: designer furniture!

As you will have understood, the outdoor bed is not a simple basic object. In addition to being comfortable, this product is also a real decorative element, designer furniture that will not go unnoticed!

The development of an outdoor space is prepared meticulously, you must take as much care as your interior spaces. It is therefore essential that your outdoor bed matches your outdoor decoration: chair, table, swimming pool, materials, vegetation, etc. This is why, at COZIP, we offer many colors, many patterns and models. top of the line.

Which outdoor bed to choose?

Black or white for a timeless touch? Red for contrast? Beige to purify? Without or with patterns for an original and creative side? There is something for every taste !

Think carefully about the universe of your decoration so that your outdoor bed fits perfectly with the environment that surrounds it.

Whatever your choice, this furniture will bring an elegant, sophisticated and modern touch to the atmosphere of your outdoor decoration. Its design and neat look will sublimate your spaces for a holiday look.

The outdoor bed: to enjoy !


This is rule number 1 at COZIP and more broadly for outdoor furniture: longevity!

Like all our products, the outdoor beds (or "BED" as we like to call them) are resistant to all tests: rain (water-repellent), food (stain-resistant), humidity (anti-mold), sun (anti-UV), cold. …

Being able to be placed on the floor, this product does not tear or stretch. No need to bother with maintenance, your outdoor bed will remain for many years like the first day. Only enjoy the good things: relax!

Practical and multifunctional

The advantage of the outdoor bed is that it adapts to any type of environment and use:

  • beach bed

  • pool bed

  • garden bed

  • terrace bed

Whether you are a professional or an individual, the outdoor bed will necessarily find its place. And if you want to change the layout, no problem, it is easy to transport, especially for some models, with 2 integrated handles on the side.


ou are looking for the ideal outdoor bed? Opt for COZIP!

Our BED's are manufactured in our workshops in Rhône-Alpes-Auvergne. The foolproof solidity of our furniture depends on our know-how and the quality of the materials used, such as the luxurious Elitis special outdoor fabric, covers in Pierre Frey fabric or in waterproof eden batyline... Our creations are unique: do not hesitate to visit our online store !

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