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COZIP innovation: A 2-in-1 pool mattress

Pleasure, relaxation and laughter are the hallmarks of sunny days by the pool. The floating mattress is the essential accessory to relax and float on the surface of the water. COZIP shares its innovation with you in this article: the POOLBED, a 2-in-1 mattress!

1. The Poolbed: 2 years of research and development

After two years of research and development, COZIP is launching an innovation in 2020: the floating Poolbed for lounging on your terrace as well as on your swimming pool. Internationally patented, the Poolbed keeps all its promises: unrivaled comfort, UV-resistant colors and ultra-fast drying. This floating mattress, finalist of the 2019 innovation competition, benefits from a unique process that superimposes two foams: one floating foam and the other for optimal comfort.

2. The Poolbed: a very comfortable pool mattress

Jeune femme (sandra sisley) dans une piscine, allongee sur un matelalt en mousse flottant (PoolBed) COZIP

On strong sunny days, relaxing and cooling off on the water, lulled by its movements, is a real pleasure. The comfort of the mattress is one of the essential elements in the design of the Poolbed. Covered with a batyline cover, it dries quickly and offers incredible softness: no more mattresses that stick to the skin! And to be well elongated, it has an integrated headrest.

The Poolbed SANDRA: fruit of our collaboration with Sandra SISLEY

3. The Poolbed: an easy-to-maintain swimming pool mattress

Chlorine, UVs, sodas, cakes, ice cream... our 2-in-1 mattress can be put to the test! But do not panic, its maintenance is simple: just clean it with water and Marseille soap. The Poolbed is also fully removable for easy maintenance !

The JUSTINE Poolbed: fruit of the collaboration with Justine GALLICE

4. The Poolbed: guaranteed durability

On the market, there are many materials used to design swimming pool mattresses: vinyl, polyester, flocked PVC, polystyrene beads... With the Poolbed, the time when it is necessary to change mattresses every year is over. The quality of the materials used gives this product a very high resistance.


As you will have understood, unlike many traditional swimming pool mattresses, the Poolbed is dimensionally stable, puncture-proof and exceptionally comfortable. In our Poolbed range, you will find both unique patterns and neutral colours. We are certain that you will love lounging on your Poolbed, both with your feet in the water and on your terrace.

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