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The PoolBed: a floating foam and fabric mattress!

The latest addition to the COZIP range: a patented product!

Wonderfully soft!!!….say goodbye to sticky plastic mattresses!

Laze to your heart’s content with the COZIP Poolbed...

After 2 years of research and development, COZIP has a French and international patent. 

Say goodbye to having to get a new mattress every year: the PoolBed is designed to last longer!

Relax pleasantly by the water
Its special outdoor acrylic fabric brings you comfort and quality at the water's edge.

Float comfortably on water
The PoolBed benefits from a unique process of very comfortable floating foams and is covered with a cover that is UV resistant and dries very quickly.

The PoolBed
Guaranteed in the longevity! 

Gone are the days when you had to change your mattresses every year.
The quality of the materials used gives this product a very high resistance!

This mattress is also fully removable for un  simplified maintenance! 

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