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Browse our Batyline® waterproof beach mattresses for tourist industry professionals, designed to be placed directly on sand!

Our waterproof Batyline® products are UV-resistant, anti-stain and can be washed using water and Marseille soap. They are not designed to be fully immersed in water. Only the COZIP #poolbed is designed for this.


They are available in standard and customized models. They are designed to be placed directly on sand or on a terrace. Lightweight, personalizable and very hard-wearing, they will serve you for many years and still look as good as new!

Batyline® sun lounger mattresses are highly-adaptable and can be fitted to a full range of sun lounger designs. Designed to be easy to handle, they can be made to reflect your corporate brand identity (logos, company colour scheme…) and they’ll look great for years to come.